"$826 million in Aftermarket Repair Weekly
New Car Dealer Service Departments

Can You Afford to Turn Your Back on Over $43 Billion in Aftermarket Repair?
Of course you can’t. But, if you’re not exposing your brand and product message to new car dealer service departments, you’re doing exactly that. Because, in 2010, new car dealer service departments performed $43.04 Billion in aftermarket repair.

Look at the Facts
As of January 1st 2011 there were 17,700 new car dealer service operations in the US. Car dealers employ over 892,000 people including 248,100 repair technicians or about 25% of all the working repair technicians in the US.

Look at These Average Dealer Sales Numbers for 2010
Category Average Dealer
Total Parts and Service Revenue $4,385,875
   -Warranty, Collision, Wholesale and Counter Sales $1,954,237
   =Aftermarket Parts and Service Sales $2,431,638 X 17,700 = $43.04 Billion

National Total
Average Dealer
Repair Orders Written
245 Million
Parts Inventory
$4.87 Billion
Number of Service Bays                  
Number of Repair Technicians
SOURCE: NADA 2011 STATE OF THE INDUSTRY REPORT. www.nada.org/nadadata

Aftermarket Parts for Aftermarket Repair
Dealers must use OE parts for all warranty repairs. But they can, and are, sourcing an increasing percentage of their parts for aftermarket repair from other outlets.

$826 Million a Week in Aftermarket Repair
Every week the average car dealer does $46,672 in aftermarket parts and service. That means that all 17,700 dealers do over $826 million in aftermarket parts and service sales each and every week of the year.

18.5 Million Used Cars and Light Trucks
Need more proof that you must start selling to new car dealer service departments? Consider this….in 2010 car dealers sold 18.5 million used cars and light trucks. The dealer’s service department is responsible for any and all service and repair done on those vehicles. And the dealer’s service departments use aftermarket parts for those used vehicle services and repairs.

More 2010 Car Dealer Sales Numbers
  National Total Average Dealer
Dealership Sales: $512 Billion $31,240,140
New Vehicle Unit Sales: 11.5 Million Units 653 Units
New Vehicle Revenue: $266 Billion $15,028,249
Used Vehicle Unit Sales 18.5 Million Units
1,045 Units
Used Vehicle Revenue: $168 Billion $9,491,525
SOURCE: NADA 2011 STATE OF THE INDUSTRY REPORT. www.nada.org/nadadata

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