$3 Million+ In Annual Parts Purchases - City of Long Beach Fleet Maintenance Department
City of Long Beach - Fleet Maintenance Department
The City of Long Beach CA maintains its 2,000+ vehicles in six fleet maintenance facilities. Long Beach, like most government fleets, has increasingly brought more and more of its vehicle service in-house. While the majority of work is performed at the city’s central service shop, there are five additional facilities located around the city.

One of the satellite facilities is located at the Port of Long Beach and is responsible for maintaining the Harbor Patrol and Homeland Security vehicles and vessels. The city even maintains a complete collision repair and paint shop primarily because “the police cars are always getting banged up”.

In an effort to attract and retain the best technicians, the City instituted an “ASE Certification Compensation Program”. The program rewards its technicians with additional monthly “bonuses” for each ASE Certification. The result is that 100% of the city’s 30+ technicians are ASE certified. 15 are ASE Master Technicians and 5 are certified as Dual Mechanical and Collision Master Technicians. With the exception of some specific police applications, all of the annual $3 Million+ repair and service parts are sourced from the aftermarket.

• Annual Fleet Budget: $43.2 Million
• Total Fleet Vehicles: 2,000+
• Total Service Facilities: 6
• Total Service Bays: 42
• Total Technicians: 32
• Parts Inventory: $500,000
Annual Parts Purchases: $3,000,000+

More Fleet Facts
Light vehicle fleets control over 10 Million passenger cars, SUVs, cross-overs and pick-up trucks on U.S. roads During 2010 fleet applications accounted for 2,264,752 units or 20.7% of all 2010 new light vehicle sales.

Fleet applications represented 33.5% of all 2010 domestic branded new vehicle sales.

During 2010 light vehicle fleets spent $8.2 Billion on fleet maintenance not including fuel charges. $5.1 Billion of that amount was for parts purchases. Fleets also spent an additional $1.1 Billion for replacement tires.

"Auto Service Professional" has identified 12,481 fleet owned maintenance facilities that employ 64,645 repair technicians and maintain 77,382 service bays.

Over 70% of all fleet service technicians are ASE Certified.

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